Our Culture is a wash in lies,

Dominated by Streams of Never Ending Electronic Hallucinations
That Merged Fact and Fiction
Until They Are
We have become
The most Illusioned
Society On Earth
Politics is a Species
of endless and meaningless
Political Theater
Politicians Have Morphed
Into Celebrities.
Our Two Ruling Parties are,
in Reality, One Party-
The Corporate Party.
And those who Attempt to
this Vast
Breathless Universe
of Fake News
Design to Push through
the Cruelty and Exploitation of
Neoliberal Order
are Pushed so far to
the Margins of society
by a Public Broadcasting System
that has sold its soul for
Corporate Money
That We might as well
be Mice Squeaking
Against an Avalanche
Chris Hedges

"If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion."

Noam Chomsky