"America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests."

H. Kissinger

Sept 09, 2022
Ukraine's Offensive Coincides with US $3 Billion+ Aid Package.

Sept 10, 2022
Kharkov Offensive 2.0
Winning Headlines Today, Hastening Defeat for Tomorrow.

Russia Advances in Bakhmut, Defends in North Donetsk; EU Leaders Split on Gas Crisis.

Russia 'Encircling' Bakhmut, Putin Sticks with SMO, Rebuffs Scholz, Macron.

Florida Uhuru leader defends Russia, bashes Colonial powers after FBI press conference.

Russia's reasons for hitting basic infrastructure. Mitsotakis calms crisis with Turkey.

Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Russia considers power up from SMO to ATO.

Collective west wants Russian mobilisation. Finnish PM, sanctions for ordinary Russians.