"America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests."

H. Kissinger

Sept 04, 2022
Kherson Offensive Downgraded to Slow Grind - Russian Ops in Ukraine,

Kherson Offensive,
What Went Wrong.

Ukraine Suffers Massive Losses as Kherson Offensive Stalls and Russia Counterattacks.

Ukraine Disaster Troops Surrounded on Ingulets River;
Europe Disaster Gazprom Suspends Nord Stream 1

G7, Russian oil price cap. EU, gas price cap. Nord Stream 1 goes to ZERO, indefinitely.

Russia Acts to End Ukraine Ingulets Bridgehead; Deploys 3rd Army to Donbass.

Prague protests EU, 'incompetent sellouts.' Biden, $11.7B for Ukraine. Siemens confusion.

Protests Amsterdam. The Sun compares UK and Russia. Ukraine to conscript women.

Kherson, 3rd & 4th waves. Macron, Scholz warn Vucic. Erdogan warns Greece. In Liz we Truss.