"America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests."

H. Kissinger

August 20, 2022
US Sends Drones and Howitzers but Not Enough.

Blame Putin, Sanna dancing video. NS1 shut down. Scholz in big trouble, producer price rise.

Russia Advances Across Ukraine, Erdogan-Zelensky Meeting Damp Squib, Crises Deepens in Germany, UK.


Darya Dugina. Portugal and Cyprus oppose travel ban. Siemens Spotify playlist, pathetic.

'Putin's Brain' propaganda. Kiev exodus. Arresting Imran Khan. No showers, use washcloth.

Russia FSB releases Dugina evidence, Ukraine media refutes claims. Kosovo tensions rise.

Crisis Day for Ukraine as Russia Advances on Nikolayev in SW Ukraine, Makes Further Advance Donbass.