"America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests."

H. Kissinger

August 4, 2022
Russian Operations in Ukraine
with featuring Mark Sleboda.

Taiwan Crisis Intensifies as
Russia Grinds Down Ukraine Defences in Donbass.

China's Maidan moment.
Elensky wants more HIMARS.

Kherson, Waiting for Godot.
Donetsk evacuation as 'Allies' advance.

Elensky wants China to ditch Russia. Scholz inspects turbine.

Russia Storms Ukraine Defences in Donbass, Zelensky Admits Outgunned, Speaks of 'Hellish' Condition.

China Says US 'Responsible' for Taiwan Crisis After Pelosi Visit; Chinese Military 'Rehearses'.

Biden White House off-ramp; Pin the blame on Zelensky.