"America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests."

H. Kissinger

July 28, 2022
Ukraine's Kherson Offensive.

Poland's Position as the
Next Ukraine

Gazprom second turbine needs repair, Germany Stage 3 panic. Elensky's blacklist. $35 Peson.

Breakthrough in Donetsk, August Decisive Month in War, Russia Dials Down Gas Flow to Europe.

EU symbolic 15% gas rationing.
Elensky Vogue photo shoot.

UK sanctions UK citizen.
Blinken begs Lavrov, offers swap.

EU begins to crack as Germany braces for an energy disaster.

POW camp blame game. Gazprom cuts off Latvia. Lavrov, 'plus one' to prisoner swap.

Biden, what recession. Xi warns Joe. Lavrov to Blinken, 'I am busy.' Ukraine-Poland merge.

Tech Monopolies Are AN ARM Of US Government, INTENT On Controlling The Narrative.